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Browne Reunion Aug 20, 2006

Smith males all together in Wisconsin 2006 (6 photos)

Browne Reunion Aug 20, 2005

Browne Reunion Aug 2004

Browne Reunion August 10 2003

Browne Reunion August 11 2002

Digitized Slides from 1947-1962

Family Tree

Slides of Marshall Browne Sr. Family

Marshall F. Browne's 1972 funeral plus audio of Vera

Dorothy's slides from Swan Hall, Hawkedon, UK.

Black and white Browne photos from 2006.

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Browne Family

I'm a member of the Browne Family, in that my mother, Georgiana Browne Smith, was a granddaughter of Edmund and Hannah Browne of Wisconsin. The links here all pertain to the descendants of Edmund and Hannah.

--Ken Smith

"The Browne family crest was found attached to the wall in All Saints Church in Stamford, England" -- Dorothy Haines (picture of church)

New! Details on reunion, Aug. 16, 2009

Photo of Edmund and Hannah's gravesite and map and directions.

Hannah Browne and her children, mid-1960's. Left to right in front; Evalyn, Lottie, Hannah, Nellie, Lily; Back row; Russell, Charlie, Marshall. Click on the image for larger version of that photo (very large).