Edmund and Hannah Browne's grave site

Edmund and Hannah Browne grave marker in the Prairie du Sac cemetery, located at the corner of Broadway and 9th Streets. The street which runs along the Wisconsin River connecting Prairie du Sac and Sauk Prairie, and Broadway intersects Water St. Nine blocks west you find the cemetary.

The view is looking toward Broadway; note that it is about 5 graves in from Broadway, and about 3 graves in from the cemetery lane. To reach this site, drive on Broadway, (from Water Street)past the main cemetery gateway, to the last entrance road, and drive in only about five rows of markers. The stone is near and between two of the ground faucets. For details on how to find the graves, scroll down or click here.

The Browne marker is the flat stone at the bottom of the photo with the red geraniums by it. Margaret and Bill Ashley and I planted the geraniums on May 16th, 2007. Mother Nature does the watering, so if you are nearby in mid-summer perhaps you can see how they are doing and give them a drink.

-- Dorothy Haines, May, 2007 home

image of graves

map of Prairie du Sac

If you stay on Broadway past Ninth St. there are two gates, and lanes leading from the gates, into the cemetery. Use the second gate. (click for larger image)Second Gate

There are two rows of faucets that cut across the cemetary, and the Browne graves are in the second row.waterline1waterline2

When you get to the second row of faucets, the first two large gravestones face east, or towards the river and downtown. The first one says "Colby".colby

The next one in (Along the faucet line East from the lane) faces East and is inscribed "Gasser".Gasser

There are three stones for four Brownes, Macinda, Lillie, Hannah and Edmund.stonefar

MacindaLillie Ed and Hannah