'Logging in' explained

About Logging in
tiny image of browne seal You have to “log in” to this site to see or deal with data we keep on individuals.
tiny image of browne seal This keeps the data within the family.
tiny image of browne seal To “log in” you need both a username and a password.
tiny image of browne seal Your username is your email address. If you don't have an email address or haven't told us what it is, you need to email the webmaster and find out what your temporary username is.
tiny image of browne seal I've assigned many people 'fake' email addresses that look like 'space00@holder.com', to serve as a space-holder. Because of the way the website works, I can't have anyone with a blank email/username field.
tiny image of browne sealEven if you've never been to this site before, if you are in our database, you already have a "default" password, namely "browne". After you log in, you can set your password to anything you want.
tiny image of browne seal You and your spouse or other family member cannot have the same username, so you should not enter any unique email address for more than one person.
tiny image of browne seal Your password is preset to 'browne,' all lower-case. The first time you look at your record, you should change this to something else of your choosing, such as something which might be hard to guess.
tiny image of browne seal Sometime later as we get this site fully configured, you'll be able to get an email address 'yourname@edmundandhannahbrowne.org' which will be a fully-functional email address.
tiny image of browne seal Some of the information we have on people, we know, is wrong or out of date. That's the beauty of this system, you can change the information yourself, and keep it up to date.
tiny image of browne seal Any information in any field (blank) which is in error, just click in that field (blank) and replace what is there with what you want.
tiny image of browne seal When you are done, go down to the bottom of the page and click "update." If you don't do this step, changes will not be made.
tiny image of browne seal Don't worry about fields which say "NULL," that's just computer-speak for "zero". You can replace "NULL" or leave it alone.
tiny image of browne seal If you have any questions about any of this, please write to me, and I will not only write back but will put the answer on this page.
--Ken Smith
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